Camille Brochu

Business & Entrepreneurship

CEO of a high-end catering company in Mesa, Arizona

Camille Brochu runs Creative Hands Cuisine, a thriving high-end catering business in Mesa, AZ, alongside her husband. They have been in business for over 20 years now and have built a repertoire of impressive clients, ranging from Nordstrom and Pepsi to the Super Bowl. With her husband crafting incredible culinary experiences and presentations and Camille running marketing, sales, theming, and more, the company has built a strong reputation in the greater Pheonix region and has catered thousands of events over the years.

However, catering was not always Camille Brochu’s career goal. She explored equine management in college before graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Western Michigan University. Then, she became a registered occupational therapist and worked in that capacity for almost ten years. She worked in a school district after graduating, providing support and resources for developmentally delayed children both in school settings and in their homes. She eventually pivoted to Mesa General Hospital Home Care, where she worked with geriatric patients.

While Camille Brochu enjoyed her time working in healthcare, she soon discovered a talent and passion for catering and event management. Creative Hands Cuisine was founded in 2002 as a way for Camille’s husband to share his culinary talents through their own business. Camille officially left healthcare in 2003 to focus on Creative Hands Cuisine full-time. Creative Hands is about more than just great-tasting food–Camille and her husband think about each event as a performance, providing theatrics and memorable elements to ensure a fantastic experience. Their team comprises well-trained staff who consistently provide excellent service at every event.

At Creative Hands Cuisine, Camille Brochu is the head designer and inspiration guru. She understands that food and catering are closely intertwined with fashion trends. As a result, Camille works hard to stay on top of current trends and strives to design entertaining food experiences for every event. The team brings unique flavors into their dishes and works with each client to create a menu that fits their event and preferences. Additionally, Camille is interested in sustainable catering and strives to make more conscious choices for the business whenever possible.

In addition to planning high-end events, Camille Brochu and the company are community-minded and strive to give back whenever possible. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Camille decided to support local front-line medical professionals by providing fresh, nutritious meals through the catering business. They launched a GoFundMe titled Feed the Soul and were able to raise funds needed to provide hundreds of meals to exhausted hospital employees facing unprecedented conditions. In her free time, Camille also volunteers at a local men’s shelter, pet rescue, and other nonprofit organizations.

Camille Brochu enjoys spending time with her husband and their son when she isn’t busy planning the theme for the next big event. They enjoy exploring local restaurants, traveling, hiking, and doing yoga. Some of their favorite places to visit include Sedona, where they own a home, and Oahu, HI. To learn more about Camille and her career, visit